Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Damn your brutal honesty Mel!!!

Sirius Satellite Radio sucks less. No really, at a recent shareholder meeting, Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin...in a fit of stunning honesty...said (I quote) "We suck less" (compared to rival satellite radio provider, XM Radio)

Wow. You wouldn't think that's a good way to describe your company, but there's suddenly this part of me that really wants to go out and buy a Sirius satradio. After all, "sucks less than XM" is exactly how I would describe Sirius, ya know? It's nice. It's got some good stuff on it. It's not really worth $13/month, though. And yeah, it's a hair better than XM.

But the weary and cynical consumer/engineer in me respects honesty from the corporate world. It seems so rare these days that I feel the need to reward the rare company that tells the truth.

Damn your brutal honesty, Mel. Now I want to buy your sucking-slightly-less product!!! :-)

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