Thursday, June 21, 2007

Numbr for Crgslst

That bastion of nifty tips known as Lifehacker turned me on today to a handy little webpage called Numbr. It's a free "fake" telephone number you can use for anywhere between an hour and a month, and set it to forward to any other number.

The main purpose behind this is to provide a phone contact on your Craigslist postings, or eBay as well, I imagine. Put the Numbr'd number up on your post, set it to forward to your real phone, and take calls. Interestingly, Numbr will pass the caller ID on to your you can see who's calling you (assuming their phone doesn't block caller ID).

I have to think this has uses beyond Craigslist...some no doubt for good, some no doubt for evil...but nothing practical for radio is immediately coming to mind. Any ideas, folks?

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