Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh yeah, the Red Sox won...

Some Red Sox fan I am...I didn't even remember to blog about it until four days afterwards. SHAME on me!!

Well, in my defense, the night they won I was going thoroughly insane trying to pack up all my (and my wife's) crap to move to another state. Thank God they won in Colorado...I'd hate to drive a giant UHaul truck through hordes of celebrating Sox fans.

And to make it even more delicious, A-Rod is gone, and they were DUMB enough to let Torre go. Now, let's just pray that Theo & Company are smart enough to re-sign Mike Lowell before smoking enough crack to think that A-Rod is worth bringing to Boston. (shudder)

You know, driving down the NY Thruway they have lots of rest stops with little convenience stores, and many of them sell Yankees shirts and whatnot. Many of them say "Got Rings?"

I ask "Any this century?" :-)

Now if the Patriots can beat the Colts tomorrow, it will TRULY be a big week for me!
Update: To dream...the impossible dream...

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