Monday, January 15, 2007

The confusion of victory, the stunned disbelief of defeat

Wow. That was a heck of a game against the Chargers last night. I mean, I'm happy the Patriots won. But man did they pull that win outta their collective arsehole.

Next stop, Indianapolis! The Boston Globe's Eric Wilbur is getting a little ahead of himself, but he's also got a point. The Colts have a proven record of choking in the playoffs...especially against the Patriots. And while upsets happen, I've yet to hear anyone thing the NFC stands a chance against the AFC. Especially since the Patriots beat the Bears even with a bunch of turnovers the last time they met, and the Bears are supposedly the best the NFC has to offer.

Before I was saying that you didn't need Adam Vinateri when you've got WMWM in the clutch...but more realistically it appears you don't need "Mr. Clutch" when you've got Stephen Gostkowski, either. Kid's got a serious leg. He's even cute - according to my wife, anyways. :-)

Update: Yeah, the Patriots lost. Man did they piss that game away against the Colts. This is gonna be a rough Superbowl. I hate the Bears because they wiped the floor with the old "Groanin' Grogan" Patsies back in Superbowl XX. I hate the Colts because they're our modern-day archrivals. Whom do I hate more...whom, indeed...?

Okay, I've decided I'd rather see the Colts lose. First, the 1985 Bears are long gone...this is an entirely different team, that's had to endure some seriously lousy seasons in recent years. When you haven't won a Superbowl in two decades, I suppose it's fair to say you've paid your dues.

Second, it'd be more fun to know that despite beating the Patriots, Manning still chokes in the playoffs. And by God, he didn't show grit in that win over my, the Patriots just gave the game away with some terrible defense. The Raiders could've beaten the Patriots in the second half of that game.

Plus it serves Vinatieri right for bolting on us. Come to think of it, if Vinatieri hadn't left for the Colts, he might not've kicked five field goals for the truly hideous Colts win over the Ravens a few weeks ago, and the Patriots could've stomped on the Ravens to be in the Superbowl now. Grrrr...

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