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with Sen. Hillary Rodham-Clinton
Fried Bagels is Aaron Read, Owner, Managing Director, Senior Engineer and "Jack of All Trades."  He has over 15 years of experience working with non-commercial radio stations, both NPR/public radio and also "college radio", and is a Certified Broadcast Technologist from SBE.  He's also worked in the streaming media industry since 1999.  

with NPR's Neal Conan
He can provide consultation on virtually every aspect of your broadcast operation, and the engineering to back it up.   Programming, operations, engineering, fundraising, social media, audience outreach, promotions and live events are just some of the areas his expertise can help your enterprise.

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and NPR's Ira Flatow
He currently operates out of Providence, Rhode Island, and is readily available for on-site consultation throughout New England.

His formal resume is available on the "history" page, or visit his LinkedIn profile.

To answer your question...the very fact that you're asking what "Fried Bagels" means demonstrates how Aaron can apply simple, "sticky" techniques to capture your audiences' attention and give your station broader impact!

Want to hear Aaron's "radio voice"?   Check out this piece he recorded, edited and produced for The Infinite Mind with Dr. Peter Kramer (a weekly public radio show about mental health) back in 2005 about Air Traffic Controllers and Multitasking.  (3.2MB MP3)