Thursday, June 14, 2012

I izz a wickid vo-dyeland engneah!!!
Hi y'all.  As many of you have noticed, I have a new job!  As of Monday (June 18th) I start as the IT/Engineering Director of Rhode Island Public Radio.

"But Aaron," you say, "don't you live in Santa Barbara, California?  How ever shall you commute??"

Well, that's the thing: I don't live there as of June 2nd.  As of June 13th I, and my lovely and exceptionally-tolerant wife, have moved back east.  Not quite to our old stomping grounds (Boston) but pretty close.  We're livin' la vida efficiency studio hotel room for a week or two while we find a new apartment near Providence.

If you're interested in the drive that took the days between the 2nd and the 13th, and also feeling a bit masochistic to indulge in my narcissism, you can check out a whole bunch of photos we took while on the road from Santa Barbara to way of Vegas, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Wichita, Salem (Indiana), Morgantown, DC, Baltimore, Philly, NYC and finally Providence.

This new job does mean my blogging will likely be somewhat less frequent, although I've got a new series that starts in the latest edition of Radio World Engineering Extra (see pg.22) so check it out!