Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best Law Enforcement Idea...EVER

My engineering friend Demetri and I were heading home from a mutual friend's bachelor party, and he told me about the urban legend of the "brown note"...a resonance frequency that causes people's lower GI tract to spasm uncontrollably with unpleasant results. The idea was that you take all those high-profile white-collar criminals (such as Jeff Skilling and Bernard Ebbers) and you let them out of prison, but they have to wear bright-white jumpsuits for the duration of their sentence. And then at random times when they're amongst co-workers, family or friends, you hit 'em with the "brown note" and let the humiliation begin. Repeat at least once a week.

The kicker was the name, though, it's the best/most awful pun I've ever heard.

You ready? It's a pretty hideous pun.

Sure about this?


...Crapital Punishment!

Feel free to quote Demer on this one. :-)

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