Monday, June 09, 2008

Buy an iPhone, Be Steve Jobs' Bitch

Lemme get this straight...if I bought an iPhone about a year ago, I would've paid at least $400 and gotten an iPod that only has 4GB of space and a pathetically slow data rate for email and web surfing. Oh, and it wouldn't have worked with my office email account because my job uses Outlook, and it only would work with AT&T (which means annoying dit-dit-duh, dit-dit-duh noises on every speaker and headphones within 20ft).

Now, this July I can buy an iPhone 2.0 for (at least) $100 less, and get 3G internet speeds (waaaay faster) and more disk space and Outlook connectivity (allegedly).

So why shouldn't I just wait another year, get it for another $100 less, another doubling of the disk space, and it'll probably work with Verizon and other carriers by then, too? Tell me again why I should be Steve Jobs' bitch? Tell me exactly how Apple's gonna convince 10 million other knuckleheads to buy this thing after burning them once before and now burning them again by offering a better product at a steep discount only a few months after the first release?

Quite frankly, I rather like my Samsung i760 with Verizon. It works just fine and has, as far as I'm concerned, a helluva lot better features than the iPhone does. Well, Verizon is an ocean of suck in general, but the phone itself is pretty cool.

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Tom Wilson said...

Hello, my name is Tom, and I'm an iPhone addict.

Notice I didn't say "user". :) There's no such thing as an iPhone user; there are only iPhone addicts.

Actually, I had the same arguments as you: only EDGE speed, not so feature rich, and the GSM buzz. But you know what? I tried one. I also tried all the others. Strangely enough, this one just "feels" right. It does a few things well rather than trying to do everything and mostly failing (like a Windows Mobile phone tends to do.) This is the first time I think someone has gotten it right when it comes to smartphones.

If you want to give it a fair shake, spend a week with one. I fully expected to be returning mine for an HTC tilt a week later, but I've had my first gen phone for 4 months now, and I have no intention of going back to the world of half-baked smartphones.

Yes, it has its flaws: the radio isn't as sensitive as some GSM phones, and the call quality could be better. But I'm much happier with this phone than I was with my 3 previous handsets, all of which would crash or freeze on me when I needed them the most.