Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton in Geneva

Sen. Hillary Clinton was in Geneva today, making something of a whirlwind tour from Syracuse down the Thruway into Buffalo. She gave a quick speech at the Red Jacket Orchards store after touring some farms in Wayne county that got hammered by hailstones in thunderstorms recently.

WEOS broadcast the speech live and I got to shake her hand afterwards. Sweet. We posted a recording here, too.

Personally, I was inclined to vote Hillary but also leaning towards Obama. I ended up voting for Huckabee on Super Tuesday in the vain hopes of spoiling John McCain's chances of winning New York. :-) Anyways, I sure as hell would've voted for her Nov.2nd if she were on the ticket. She gives a good speech, though...and it's always impressive how long-time politicians like her have this amazing ability to memorize millions of names and pronunciations and little facts and whatnot. She pronounced perfectly several of the goofy names we've got around here (like "Canandaigua"...CAN-nan-DAY-gwah).

And, of course, she seems a little shorter in person. :-) I guess it's natural to think of these people as towering giants. After all, I came of age in the Clinton era. Given recent years, it's hard not to think of those as "the good times".

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