Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Second Life muscles into Real Life

Appropo of nothing, the good folks at Linden Lab, creators of the virtual community Second Life, have opened a satellite office 11 floors above my head in my office building. They even sublease from the same company we do. I understand this isn't entirely by accident...The Infinite Mind has interacted with the higher-ups at Linden Lab quite a lot over the last eight months so I'm sure at some point we mentioned to them how much we like our landlord (and it's true, our landlord is pretty cool).

It's kinda nice, last week I got to meet several people in the flesh that I'd only known as 3-D avatars and artificial names like "Harmony Linden" previously. Put faces to the names, so to speak. That's usually one of the really nice things about attending conferences and conventions and whatnot.

But at the same time, it was a little creepy. The line between my real life and my virtual presence is getting more blurred every day. :-)

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