Saturday, November 03, 2007

No More Alan Weisman, PLEASE

Okay, it's official: NPR is Alan Weisman's bitch. Okay, don't get me wrong...Alan is a decent interview, and his book, The World Without Us, has piqued my curiosity. But gimme a break, Alan...since this August you've been on at least EIGHT different shows. Probably twice that. I engineered your interview on Living on Earth before I even interviewed for the GM job at WEOS. This week (nearly three months later) I heard you on one of WEOS's shows, Out of Bounds. Inbetween I know I caught you on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, On Point, Fresh Air, and no fewer than eight zillion other shows. Tell your publicist: ENOUGH PLEASE!

I'm speaking tongue-in-cheek, of have to "make the rounds" on NPR because there's no guarantee that a member station will air the show you're currently being interviewed on. But it does feel like Alan's been a little harder to get away from than most.

I do wish, though, that there was more coordination on the part of individual shows amongst each other and amongst their affiliates, so that you don't end up hearing the same person answering the same questions on ten different shows. I imagine that might be more work than it's worth...but I also imagine this has to sound bad to your dedicated NPR listener...the kind perhaps most likely to be a donating member.

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